It is said that Orlandus was born
in 1920
in Viipuri, Karelia, Finland.
Orlandus was a painter, a drawer, and a racing car driver.

Most of all, she is the spirit of SBK.
SBK was born on March 1st, 1805, in Hämeenkyrö, South West Finland. SBK is at first a taxidermy family-run business. Miss Martta Jantunen leads the business. In 1890 one of Jantunen’s offspring gets married with French Elie Baril, owner of a small barrel company designed for wine commercial transport. And thus wine gets marketable in Finland and comes into partnership with taxidermy. Animals are kept safe though. Barrels are locked, as mute as one honest Finnish man. In 1930 SBK Mom-and-Pop business is expanding a lot. Strengthened by its little cherubs, SBK seriously plans on rushing at gold. In 1935 the oil black flood replaces the wine sealed in barrels. Young Orlandus, Jantunen-Baril youngest sister, is a force of nature and is longing for automobile speed. She starts feeding her Citroën C4 belly with SBK black gold. Her performance in the 1946 Rallye Monte Carlo attracts attention. But her solitary motor vehicle trips are what will make her famous. Many people still have in mind her cross over Siberia without the hands. In memory of those performances SBK family business considers switching into art business. In 1955 they change the store into a studio place for artists. In 1965 SBK restores its own gas station and make it become a hosting and dinner place for any kind of public. The most decisive date occurs in 1975 when the Spoon Gang, awesome activists artists from nowhere, falls in love with the project and decides to spread over its concept to worldwide quarters. SBK Kar is so born and starts its worldwide tour. SBK is a wanderer searching for odd and powerful artistic collaborations. SBK also takes advantage of its soul cracks and always keep in mind the famous words once pronounced by Orlandus: Car Crashes Is What Has To Happen…
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Orlandus Gallery can be visited in Haukijärvi, Hämeenkyrö, Finland. Hélène Baril created it in 2011. She collected Orlandus drawings and paintings and so exhibited them in the toilets of an artist residency. Here is a selection of Orlandus drawings and paintings.

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A selection of what fits to Orlandus tastes.