Hélène Baril was born in 1978 in Saint-Julien-en-Genevois, France.  She is based in Paris. She has been working as a French language teacher after getting a MA in Literature, quit her job, got a BA in Fine Art, has been working in a bookstore as a co-manager, has been painting in a studio before turning into a professional housepainter. Housepainter: a slightly provocative qualification that goes for rejecting the idea of getting the “painter” label, or even the “mixed-media artist” label.  In 2011 Hélène Baril is awarded as best artist of the year at arteles international residency, Finland- country where she ‘s been living over a year. That is where she starts her housepainter career. That is also where she kept up developing her racing car tale, allowing her to combine visual art, literature, economics and social matters. Finland thus became homeland, fantasyland, research land. Baril ’s recurrent representations of automobile are the idols and relics of a tale in search of absolute. The artist repaints her car over the course of encounters, thus adding a performing value to her work. She has been playing with Martini Racing’s logo and colors and she is now dealing with the representation of the Shell brand- both as a personal and collective project, called SBK. Hélène Baril ’s work can be seen as a sabotage of reality ‘s undertaking – or more gently and accurately, a fairy tale -, aiming at confusing reality and fiction worlds.