SBK was born in Finland, March 2012, after some dinners and events happened between artists. SBK is an experimental roaming organization, which uses its car as meetings, creations, working tool. It aims at realizing events where the interaction between an artist or an organization and SBK gives rise to visual art pieces of all kind.

Besides, SBK is an allegorical and poetic initiative, whose sphere of operation relies on various images and representations: literature (SBK as a contemporary Don Quixote, Beckett aesthetics, pataphysics, Borges, Pessoa…), geography (Finland as a no man’s land, a world’s end), economy and environment (Shell multinational company, rise of transportation/oil trade/market) popular psychology (a gas station seen as a shared social site). SBK's identity grows through the process of the closed relationship that it keeps up by generating images on one side and by inviting artists/non-artists on the other.

SBK arises by the trauma symbolized in car crashes. Thus SBK is never protected from sabotaging itself. SBK would like to be real and make its actions grow, but its economic isolation, as it is unable to adapt to the world/society, don’t allow it to be sure of anything. There shall be a time for solitude, and a time for sharing. SBK cannot survive by itself. SBK needs solitude. SBK drives away. SBK settles down. SBK hides itself. SBK exhibits itself. SBK is fearless. SBK is scared to death. This difficulty of adjusting to the contemporary context is also what allows SBK to fit into the economic world by creating its own personal market economy. SBK's economy shall therefore face "The Man" through playful means and deconstruction.

SBK's title and logo unequivocally refer to Shell multinational company. It is at first a fortuitous occurrence, since the wish was to take into account and symbolically appropriate the real Shell Bar located in Hämeenkyrö, Kyröskoski, South West Finland – as a linguistic ready-made. However, the allusion to Shell remains meaningful and SBK's political content is obvious. SBK doesn’t get involved in any explicit activism, however it doesn’t happen outside of society. That is why its poetic, metaphorical and artistic ambitions are the medium of its commitment. SBK's car trips use black gold within total freedom settings. Donation to high-yield, showy and hyperactive society is almost non-existent. This way, SBK attempts to transform the consumed oil into an empty shell. That is of course a pointless undertaking. Therein lies its strength and potential.

Hélène Baril

SBK scientist director – December 8th 2012.

Ivaylo Gueorgiev

Joe and Dan Cooper

Val Ng

Vanessa Brazeau

Laura Donkers

Delphine Renault

Susan E. Evans

Gaylord Brewer

Katie Zazenski

Emilie Collins

Nadine Hutton

Alberto Centenera

Standards Expositions

Eero Yli-Vakkuri

Olli Horttana

Hämeenkyrö city

The Strata Project

Arteles Residency

Kaptain Cetusss-Baptiste-Lefebvre

Pascale Marconnet xxxP



Carolina Trigo

Juha Mehtälainen

To get informed about SBK’s present and future projects, works and collaborations, be welcome to visit its blog.